Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Can You Believe It?

How did a week get away from me so quickly?  

I am very sorry dear readers for not keeping up as diligently as I should have.  Life goes so fast, and my house is a mess, by my standards, and I've been working so hard at trying to get that all in order so I can be free to write, and really I've been stalling a bit because I want to start adding some photographs to this little blog that I write.  Wouldn't you like it better if I had some nice pictures?  So that's really why I haven't been writing.  I'm taking photos.

Do you believe that?  

I do want to put photos online.  I will.  But I haven't actually been taking any recently.  But if you believe that I have and I do intend to take them, is it that bad of a lie?

There are a lot of things going on lately that I feel are perhaps mostly accurate, or have the right feeling behind it, but they probably aren't quite right.  How close is close enough?

My husband sent me this, which he found on the Wall Street Journal website available for download:
This is the police report filed in the arrest of Henry Gates.  (You can find anything on the web, can't you?  How scary is that?)  That police officer sounds so calm in the face of adversity.  He sounded so unduly abused in this report.  And certainly he is trained to respond properly in such situations, but I'm sure he wasn't quite the angel he appeared to be.  I imagine where the officer reports "When Gates asked a third time for my name, I explained to him that I had provided it at his request two separate times.  Gates continued to yell at me.  I told Gates that I was leaving his residence and that if he had any other questions regarding the matter, I would speak with him outside of the residence." - it maybe just possibly went something more like:

"I want your name and badge number!"
"I gave it to you twice already!  You didn't listen to me then either!"
"I want your name and I want your badge number now!  I'm gonna report you and make your life miserable!!  I'm very important!  I pay your salary!  (Blah blah blah!)"
"Look, I'm done here.  If you have anything more to say to me we can take it outside?!  We can talk about how much more important you are there, tough guy!"

Ok.  I'm sure it didn't go like that either, but nobody responds to an irate man by saying, "I am leaving your residence now.  If you have any further questions, I am available to speak with you outside." Make no mistake, based on my limited knowledge of the situation and people and life in general, I personally am siding with the officers here.  (I'm sure they feel much better knowing the Garbage Soup lady is on their side).  But when given any one side of a story, do you believe it?

Or how about our Birther issue?  Apparently Hawaii and the White House are being inundated with requests for Obama's birth certificate.

This amuses me.  Not because I like to witness or cause trouble, although there's something kind of satisfying about being bad without actually.. well,.. being bad.  This amuses me because I'm pleased to know that this hasn't slipped through the cracks like so many things can when a politician is perceived as some sort of society darling.

This image of the short form of Obama's Hawaiian birth certificate is all over the web.  Birthers believe it's a fake.  Hawaiian and White House officials can't seem to verify its accuracy enough to satisfy the multitudes of people who are questioning it.  And the question continues to pop up again and again.  

FactCheck.org has even done some research and concluded that Obama was indeed born in the USA.  I'm a fan of FactCheck.org.  I visit this site fairly often during elections.  So based on this I give up my pseudo-birther status and say, OK.  I believe it.  But do you believe it?  Could it be a fake?  Sure it could.  If you're important enough I'm sure you could have all sorts of documents authentically (re)produced.

Maybe John Campbell and his fellow Congressmen have it right sponsoring a bill to require future presidential candidates to produce birth certificates.  Frankly I didn't know this wasn't already done.  

The real issue in all this, as far as I can see, is why wouldn't Obama release the long form of his birth certificate?  Of course it won't stop some people from charging forward with their claims that it's a fake.  There will always be doubters, but I imagine it would quiet a decent amount of people.  Isn't peace the goal here?  Wouldn't you want more peace in the country you're leading?  What advantage does Obama gain with the amount of turmoil being created by this?  News reports are covering it, radio, internet is buzzing over this, the court systems are being tied up with law suits over it, Congress is even spending time on it and other legislative branches have to spend time defending it.  There's quite a bit of money in this country being tied up in Obama's birth certificate.  And yet it still is not seemingly important enough for our president to take the five minutes to address it.  Does that not seem odd to anyone else?

Has anyone else noticed how much President Obama encourages chaos and turmoil?  Economic and ecologic fear-mongering, letting critical issues go unresolved, apologies to foreign leaders for being Americans which only serve to acknowledge that we must be bad bad people and deserve punishment.  I have moments where I feel like Obama is hoping we are attacked.  I'm sure I could weave a web of speculation that included a plan by our great President to encourage deserters and weaken our defenses, tie up resources and focus on the ecology and the economy, which would only interfere with it's natural ability to correct itself and depress both, and encourage an attack by a lesser country.  All this could either be for the purpose of destroying America if he really is the Kenyan born Muslim that conspiracy theorists believe or 
to be able to use this weaken the people in brainwash them into thinking a military state is the only way out of this mess.  

I don't really believe that either (unless I'm having a fit of paranoia in the middle of a sleepless night).  What I do believe is that President Obama is a very inexperienced politician who didn't participate much in his role as a Senator either, and now he hasn't a clue as to what's what, since he wouldn't even accept a proper briefing from the previous President of the country and his staff.  

What do you believe?

While you're all thinking about that, I'll be taking more pictures. 

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